Чабаны Нарынской области обучились методике ротационного выпаса скота

Shepherds in the Naryn region have been trained in the methodology of rotational grazing for livestock

09 July 2023

Throughout June, specialists from the NGO "СAMР Alatoo" visited pastures in the Naryn region, where they conducted training sessions on livestock grazing for shepherds. They introduced the shepherds to the "Grazing Response Index" (GRI) method, typically applied during the summer season when the grass cover on pastures has already gained strength. GRI allows for the regulation of animal grazing without damaging vegetation, increasing pasture productivity, and closely resembling the traditional grazing system used by Kyrgyz people.

Training sessions in the pastures of Bugubay-Suu, Kok-Talaa, Bosogo, Kondoy, and Kok-Dobo, located in the Zhargetal, At-Bashi, and Naryn forest districts, brought together more than 50 shepherds, foresters, and veterinarians. In the introductory part, "СAMР Alatoo" specialists drew participants' attention to the GRI assessment of pastures, considering key criteria such as frequency, intensity, and the ability of plants to recover. Shepherds received instructions on conducting assessments and monitoring the condition of pastures, visually observing areas before and after grazing, and documenting them through photography for subsequent comparison. It was noted that livestock breeders can practice GRI simultaneously with the execution of the grazing plan, an annual document developed by local authorities in each rural district in collaboration with pasture users.

Participants completed another essential step in the GRI methodology – they developed maps of grazing areas and created schedules for the presence of animals on pastures. During discussions, shepherds identified potential factors influencing grazing, such as prolonged droughts or, conversely, rains and frost, as well as grazing by animals from neighboring districts, including "ownerless" herds of horses that usually come at night.

Among the training participants were shepherds with experience in rotational grazing using the GRI method. Their adherence to the methodology criteria had already produced certain results, which they discussed in detail with "СAMР Alatoo" specialists to identify and rectify any mistakes in the grazing process.

In the final stage of training, an interactive game called "Rotational Grazing," developed by "СAMР Alatoo" last year, was organized for the participants.

Despite the shepherds spending a significant amount of time on the game due to explanations of rules and card meanings, they easily and quickly grasped its mechanics. After the first round, representing a one-year interval, players developed a correct strategy. Participants also provided recommendations for improving the game.



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