Имитационная игра по управлению пастбищами

Pasture management simulation game

01 November 2022

The CAMP Alatoo PF specialists have developed a board game simulating the application of the Grazing Response Index (GRI) method in pasture management and use.

The game was based on the OIV method, the idea of which is to regulate livestock grazing without damaging the vegetation cover, thus, to increase pasture productivity. This method, used in spring and summer pastures, is similar to the traditional grazing system of the Kyrgyz peoples.

By analogy with the real practice of EIA, the playing field in the centre of the table is divided into 6 sectors (pastures) - one for each participant. The sectors are divided into 6 plots which the players - notional shepherds - can allocate to grazing areas. During one year each month the shepherd alternates the grazing areas by marking them on the score sheet. Rotation results in a reduction of grass degradation or, if the same areas are used, a deterioration of the resource.  The players record these changes on the playing field by moving the arrow away from the green, yellow and red zones indicating pasture condition. The shepherd must take into account the weather and the different circumstances indicated on the "event cards" that affect grazing and pastures.

In addition, taking into account the rotation of grazing plots, the player calculates the indicators affecting the condition of the land: (1) the possibility of growth and regeneration of plants; (2) the frequency of grazing; (3) the intensity of grazing.  He/she enters the data into the "shepherd's diary".

After defining the grazing areas each player receives a certain amount of money from the moderator in the form of beans or peas, "energy cards" (energy limits the ability of players to perform different actions at the same time), cards indicating different household goods (these are useful for the herdsman in the nomadic lifestyle), equipment for producing food (for example milk or kurut), technologies and services to facilitate the grazing process.  Based on his/her needs and plans for pasture improvement, the shepherd can buy the appropriate card. The purchased product, equipment or service will start "working" for him/her in the next game round.

Thus, after five game years in which shepherds have grazed animals on pastures, taking measures to conserve the land, improve their livelihood and develop alternative sources of income. The winner is the player with the highest score, based on accumulated capital and support for the condition of the land.

Thus, after five years of play, during which shepherds grazed animals on the pastures, taking measures to preserve the land, establishing their livelihoods and developing alternative sources of income, the winner was the CAMP Alatoo PF and received comments and suggestions for improvement in the near future.

It should be noted that the elements of the game - field, cards, signposts - will be designed in a modern, attractive, and at the same time simple and clear design.

The game is an information product of the project "Pasture and Natural Resource Management in Kyrgyzstan", on which the CAMP Alatoo PF is working with the support of the U.S. Forest Service (U.S. Forest).

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