Тренинг для будущих модераторов

Training for future moderators

18 January 2023

CAMP Alatoo PF organised and delivered training to water professionals from various organisations. Representatives of the Ministry of Nature, Ecology and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Research Institute of Pasture and Livestock, the Kyrgyz State Agrarian Institute and the Agrotechnical College took part in the three-day training. 

All participants are potential moderators who, after training and further practice, will be able to conduct trainings planned for local communities in the framework of the water resources management project run by CAMP Alatoo PF with the support of the US Forest Service and the US FS & METI environmental monitoring technology organization.  The training therefore combined two areas: methods and techniques for moderating adult workshops and a module on "Sustainable Water Management" developed by specialists from CAMP Alatoo PF.

According to Project Coordinator Bilimbek Azhibekov, the training brought together both specialists already experienced in workshops and newcomers who gained knowledge and detailed information on conducting training for villagers. "The participants were selected to help each other in the practical part of our training, when everyone was given the opportunity to lead the training. They worked in pairs - a keynote speaker and a co-moderator. The role of the co-moderator is equally important: he is responsible for the logistics of the workshop and helps resolve issues that arise," he said.

On the first day of the training, participants defined the role and functions of a moderator and learned basic techniques and tools for conducting training events. Specialists of CAMP Alatoo PF, for whom seminars in villages are a frequent practice, shared their accumulated experience and useful tips that can come in handy given the specifics and audience of the trainings. "Our training for future moderators, starting with the rules of conduct, is analogous to the training we do in rural areas. Thanks to this, the participants will be able to imagine how training actually takes place and prepare themselves morally for this kind of work," said Maksat Miynazarov, CAMP Alatoo PF Project Coordinator.

The next step was to study the module "Water Resource Management". The introduction to the topic started with the simulation game "Adaptation to Climate Change". Under its terms, villagers may be limited in their water supply because of the possible effects of climate fluctuations. However, they must use resources wisely in order to grow crops and increase their income. The participants, divided into three teams, developed strategies and measures for effective water management.

During short lectures, participants consolidated their knowledge of concepts such as 'water basin', 'hydrological cycle', learned how to calculate river flow formation, water use, consumption and loss, and identified mechanisms, benefits and challenges of community-based water basin management.

The moderator's speeches received feedback from the speakers and participants of the training.  Recommendations and wishes were related to following the structure and logic of the workshop, maintaining constant contact with the audience, knowledge of the rural setting and in general expressed motivation to improve moderation techniques in the future rather than criticism. At the end of the training, the participants received certificates.

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