Специалисты ОФ «САМР Алатоо» оценили уязвимости животноводов Чуйской области к изменению климата

Specialists from the "СAMР Alatoo" organization assessed the vulnerabilities of livestock breeders in the Chui region to climate change

22 August 2023

The assessment of the impact on the resilience of communities in the Chon-Kemin Valley was conducted through a survey of 198 households with domestic livestock. The study covered four aiyl aymaks: Kok-Oiyrak, Chon-Kemin, Duyisheev, and Aktyuz, adjacent to the Chon-Kemin Reserve.

Livestock breeding and agriculture are the main sources of income for local residents. During the interviews, scientists found that communities heavily depend on pastures. Living near a protected area did not lead to conflicts between people and wildlife over shared resources. The impact of climate change, such as droughts and blizzards, was limited. Based on the data, it was identified that a low level of climate disaster impact reduces the vulnerability of local livestock breeders. However, experts warn that increased precipitation or other climate changes, coupled with pressure on land resources, could significantly affect livestock breeders and their incomes.

The authors note that situations have already occurred in Kyrgyzstan where hundreds of heads of cattle and dozens of wild animals died due to late frosts on pastures. In light of this, they recommend a review of national policies and programs aimed at strengthening the resilience of livestock breeders to climate change and improving adaptive conditions.

The results of the study and recommendations were presented in a scientific article titled "Assessment of the Vulnerability of Livelihoods to Climate Change in the Chui Region, Kyrgyz Republic." The work was prepared in collaboration with researchers from the National Research Foundation of South Korea and the Sustainability Institute (OJEong) at the University of South Korea.

This article in English was published on the MDPI portal, an open-access journal publisher, in a special issue on "Social, Ecological, and Landscape Sustainability in the Face of Climate Change." This issue brings together five studies dedicated to the impact of climate change on people's lives, the state of natural resources, mountain ecosystems, and biodiversity.

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