«Птицы родного края»: победители творческого конкурса

"Birds of Our Homeland": Winners of the Creative Contest

11 April 2024

Nine students from School No. 31 in the village of Yntymak, Tyup District, Issyk-Kul Region, were awarded prizes for participating in the creative contest on the theme "Birds of My Homeland."

The contest took place from March 1 to April 1 of the current year. During this time, the children prepared drawings, essays, and poems about birds inhabiting the Issyk-Kul Region. The jury, consisting of specialists from the CAMP Alatoo Foundation, reviewed 23 works and decided to award all participants on the eve of Environmental Knowledge Day, celebrated on April 15.

The winner in the "Best Drawing" category was 9th-grade student Raatbek Aitkulov. He presented a series of 5 watercolor drawings depicting birds such as herons, flamingos, and swans. The author of the best essays and poems was 8th-grade student Asema Oruzbaeva. The winners were awarded smartphones, while the other participants received incentive prizes - works of literature and encyclopedias in the Kyrgyz language.

The contest was held with the support of the project "Engaging Local Communities in Sustainable Management and Planning of Protected Areas," implemented by the PF”CAMP Alatoo” with the support of the Sigrid Rausing Trust.

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