Премия Earthshot Prize 2023: как стать номинантом

Earthshot Prize 2023: how to become a nominee

12 January 2023

The CAMP Alatoo PF announces a call for nominations for the prestigious Earthshot Prize.Potential candidates for the solid cash award could be an organisation or person who submits initiatives to address an important environmental or ecological issue.

The prize is awarded annually by the charity founded by William, Prince of Wales and the UK Kingdom Foundation in 2020.  

In 2022, CAMP Alatoo PF was officially included in the Earthshot Prize nominator network and was entitled to nominate local organisations and individuals for the prestigious award.

According to its vision and objectives, Earthshot accepts innovative ideas from around the world from authors who are inspired and motivated to find better solutions in five priority areas, each with three specific areas.

"Earthshot # 1 - Protect and restore the nature

Ideas or projects should reflect efforts to (1) protect and manage natural carbon deposits, e.g. peatlands; (2) restore forests, wetlands and other ecosystems subject to degradation; and (3) develop and expand agriculture to improve soil health and biodiversity (regenerative agriculture).

"Earthshot # 2 - Clean our Air

The focus is on innovations in (1) involving the public in data collection and public campaigns to protect citizens' rights and interests; (2) stopping fires in forests and farmland; and (3) switching to eco-friendly personal transport.

"Earthshot # 3 - Revwe our oceans

Solutions involve (1) reducing overfishing; (2) developing ocean ecosystem services that mitigate climate change; and (3) changing situations arising from climate variability for the benefit of the ocean.

"Earthshot # 4 -Build a waste-free world

Initiatives should focus on (1) zero-waste food and switching to a plant-based diet; (2) zero-waste fashion; (3) extending the life of products and/or eliminating single-use products.

"Earthshot # 5 - Fix our climate

Proposals include (1) universal availability of renewable energy sources; (2) reduction of methane emissions; (3) construction of green buildings.

Solutions proposed within the above areas should advise at least one of the 15 areas listed above and have the potential for global impact on at least one of the Earthshots by 2030. If the ideas/projects/proposals do not fit into any of the above categories, applicants may use the EARTHSHOT OTHER option and propose their own original idea.

The 15 nominees will be selected according to specific criteria by the Earthshot Prize team, and the 5 finalists will be chosen by the Award Board, made up of influential individuals from a variety of sectors who express a strong civic commitment to environmental issues.  Each winner will receive a prize of £1 million (around $1.22 million) to spread innovation and problem solving.

From 14-20 January 2023, CAMP Alatoo PF is accepting the following key information from organisations and individuals as part of the first stage of the Earthshot Prize nominations (in English):

1.Initiative/solution name (Solution name)

2. Name of organization or full name of nominee submitting the initiative/solution (Full name of nominee)

3. Short description of the initiative/decision, maximum 25 words (Short description of solution/initiative)

Information should be emailed to alika@camp.kg by 17:00 on 20 January 2023. Selected nominees will be notified on 23 January.

The next stage, during which the selected nominees will be required to complete a detailed application form (in English) will take place between 24-29 January 2023. All applications must be submitted to CAMP Alatoo PF by 29 January for further registration to the Earthshot Prize through the online platform by 31 January 2023.

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