Кыргызстанские ученые разработали современные приборы контроля расхода поливной воды

Kyrgyz scientists have developed modern devices for monitoring irrigation water consumption

20 August 2023

Ultrasonic sensors for measuring water levels in channels have been installed at hydrological posts in the Chui region. The automated water accounting and distribution system was developed by scientists from the Irrigation Institute and the Design and Engineering Institute "Water Automation and Metrology," affiliated with the Water Resources Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic.

At the end of the week, scientists demonstrated their invention on one of the channels in the Shamshy aiyl aimak of the Chui district. The event was organized and supported by "CAMP Alatoo" in partnership with the Water Resources Service of the Kyrgyz Republic. Leaders and representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic, regional and district water management authorities of the Water Resources Service, as well as local government officials and media, participated in the demonstration.

According to Vitaliy Shablovsky, a representative of the Water Resources Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, around 100 sensors have been produced at the Irrigation Institute's production base. A third of them are installed at hydro posts in the pilot Chui district. The devices are designed to account for water entering fields during periods of low water. The sensors emit ultrasonic pulses reflected on the water surface. Special equipment records the time of pulse reflection, and this information is then transmitted to a computer. Thus, the system provides real-time data on the water level in channels.

"For the first time in many years, we received a government order for mass production of sensors from the republican budget. Previously, we made from 3 to 5 such devices within various grants. But to calculate the water balance, all hydro posts must be equipped with sensors. Only a systematic approach will achieve the expected result," said Vitaliy Shablovsky.

Almazbek Sokeev, the head of the Water Resources Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, emphasized that the cost of the complex, which includes the device itself, a computer, processor, and related components, is 240,000 soms. This is 3-5 times cheaper than foreign analogs. "We are already receiving orders from neighboring countries for the export of sensors. By the beginning of the next growing season, the devices will be installed throughout the Chui district, and then work will begin in other regions," added Almazbek Sokeev.

Representatives of regional water management authorities of the Water Resources Service of the Kyrgyz Republic received detailed information about the automated water accounting and distribution system and the organization of water resource monitoring during a roundtable discussion following the field visit. Specialists from "СAMP Alatoo" also mentioned that they are developing an information system that includes creating an electronic queue for water distribution among users.

The event was organized within the project "Adaptation and Strengthening Approaches to Water Resources Management Based on Communities in the Kyrgyz Republic," implemented with the support of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS/IP) and Management and Engineering Technologies International (METI).

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