Красный мост на реке Талас

"Baibosun" Microreserve: A Success Story Recognized within the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

14 December 2023

Red Bridge over the Talas River. A pedestrian bridge, 40 meters in length, has been constructed across the Talas River in the Ak-Dobo area of the Dolonu Talas Region. This is the longest structure built as part of the "Mountain Bridges" project, led by the PF "CAMP Alatoo" with the support of the Swiss association "Pamir’s Bridges" since 2002. The bridge was inaugurated in a ceremonial event attended by representatives from the local authorities, CAMP Alatoo staff, and the local community.

The old bridge posed a serious threat to the residents of the Ak-Dobo area and the village of Kok-Tokoy. The hanging structure was equipped with two insecurely fastened steel cables, lacked railings, and had a pedestrian walkway partially covered with planks. According to Nurzhanov district chief Almazbek Zhaynakov, crossing the river on the bridge in May and June was always a perilous adventure for residents, including those heading to their land plots, students, and schoolchildren. During this time of the year, the river depth exceeded 2 meters, and the current speed increased several times.

The bridge construction took two months. CAMP Alatoo provided the village administration with technical materials such as metal cables, beams, etc., while the local residents performed the rest of the work. Now, 64 families in the Nurzhanov rural district have a safe access route to their 140-hectare land plots, and their neighbors can cross to the other side of the river to reach the village of Kok-Tokoy and further to the regional center. Additionally, in the event of fires or other emergencies in the Talas Forestry, rescuers and firefighters can promptly arrive at the scene.

The new bridge significantly differs in appearance from the old one. The railings and the towers supporting the cables are painted in red to make the bridge visible from a distance, serving as a signal that the path to the other side of the river is safe.





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