Горные мосты: до 100 осталось три

Mountain bridges: three down to 100

30 January 2023

In 2022, the geography of bridges built with the support of CAMP Alatoo PF and Pamir's Bridges Association (Switzerland) included Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Osh and Jalal-Abad regions. Six bridges have been built in these regions, bringing the total number to 97 to date.

Last year, local communities in the Issyk-Kul region began construction of the longest bridge of all those built with the support of CAMP Alatoo PF in the mountainous regions of the country.A 30-metre bridge over the Kaiyndy river will be built in Ak-Chiy in Ak-Suu district very soon. The width of the carriageway will be 4 metres and it will be made of wooden decking and supported by large natural boulders, which will raise the bridge to a height of 2.5 metres above the river.The old bridge has long been unusable due to the state of disrepair. But it is the only crossing for motorists and tourists. Despite damaged cross beams and rotten railings they cross the bridge on foot or on horseback to travel from Karakol to Khan-Tengri Peak and back.  The crossing is particularly difficult during summer and winter pastures, when shepherds have to ferry more than 3,000 cattle across the bridge to sections of Boyrok-Kaiynda, Tash-Koroo, Kara-Bel and Bayysh.  Locals hope that the new bridge will give them access to 9,000 ha of pasture, and for the 6 herder families the crossing to the winter pasture at Tash-Koroo will be safe and quick.

In Temir Aiyl District, Issyk-Kul District, Issyk-Kul Oblast, locals and tourists are already using the new bridge.  It is 10 metres long, 3.5 metres wide and has a carrying capacity of 22 tonnes. The facility, built and commissioned last year, has facilitated access for 30 local residents to the Karagai-Bulak, Kum-Bel, At-Jailoo, Zhon-Jailoo and Eki Chat pasture areas, the total area of which is over 5,500 ha.The area has the potential to accommodate 9,500 cattle, cattle and horses for grazing. In addition to livestock farmers, residents of Kashat and Temir villages cross the bridge to collect berries and medicinal herbs on the other side of the river. In the event of an emergency, the fire brigade and other rescue services will also arrive promptly at the site, making use of the new facility.

Resource users in the Kara-Kuzhur Aimag of Naryn Oblast also received a new bridge 10 metres long and 4 metres wide. The cover of the bridge was made of monolithic concrete and the beams and barriers were made of metal. Specialists from CAMP Alatoo appreciated the strength and reliability of the object, thanks to which the Lakhol River is no longer a risky obstacle for shepherds from both Naryn and neighbouring Issyk-Kul oblasts.  Previously, they had to ferry up to 20,000 cows, sheep and horses across the rushing river.

The new bridge over the Kölköyne River has also improved working conditions for the employees of the Kurtka forestry unit of Ak-Talinsk forestry (Naryn oblast). Employees were involved in its construction and now use the bridge to reach their work sites on more than 11,000 hectares of land.  The structure is 10 metres long and 4 metres wide, with a lifting capacity of 18 tonnes, allowing forestry workers to transport equipment and tools by truck. In addition, the bridge has provided passage for more than 5,000 cattle to the pastures of Jazy Karagai, Topu Tash, Kindik, Karagailuu Moinok, Chon boyrok, Tor and linked tourist routes to Aktal and Son-Kul lakes.

At another forestry farm, Avletim in Jalalabad Oblast, a bridge over the Itagar River has opened the way for 65 residents of Jerge-Tal and Avletim Aiyl Districts to access almost 8,500 ha of pasture at Artysh, Yurtysh, Kara-Kum, Baltyrcan and Kol where shepherds herd up to 17,000 cows, sheep and horses for grazing. The bridge also serves as a link between the departmental areas of the leskhoz cordon to pastures and forestry wintering grounds, provides residents with access to berry and medicinal herb collection sites and improves routes to the Padysha-Ata Nature Reserve and Chatkal Valley.

A new bridge was also built for the residents of the most remote mountain village of Kuturgan in Zerger Aiyl Kөtү (Osh oblast). The former bridge over the Kuturgan river, which divided the village into two parts, was a dangerous crossing, especially for children, who had to walk over broken wooden beams to school. Now the villagers have nothing to worry about. Thanks to the bridge, the shepherds ferry 900 cattle to the Torpu Say pasture, and the villagers are developing tourism.

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