Ежегодная премия Earthshot 2024: стартовал прием заявок

The annual Earthshot Prize 2024: application submissions have begun

16 October 2023

"СAMР Alatoo" PF, as the official nominator for the Earthshot Prize since 2022, invites organizations and individual contributors to participate in the competition for this prestigious award.

The Earthshot Prize is a global environmental award and impact platform dedicated to finding and developing solutions that will restore the planet Earth in this decade. The award is annually granted by a charitable organization founded in 2020 by Prince William and the Kingdom of Great Britain's fund.

As part of the 2023 competition, the Earthshot Prize considers initiatives and solutions focused on making progress in at least one of the following 15 priority areas:

1. Protecting and restoring nature:

1. Protecting areas with high biodiversity, forests, wetlands, peatlands, and wildlife corridors.

2. Restoring damaged ecosystems.

3. Providing food for people while considering nature conservation.

2. Clean air:

1. Engaging citizens in data collection and clean air policy development.

2. Preventing the burning of fields, forests, and waste.

3. Transitioning to clean transportation for all.

3. Ocean revival:

1. Protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems.

2. Replenishing fish populations.

3. Reducing the demand for fishmeal.

4, Waste-free world:

1. Reducing food loss from producer to consumer.

2. Eliminating single-use and non-recyclable plastics.

3. Maximizing efficiency in clothing and electronics.

Best climate practices:

1. Creating a fair future in clean energy.

2. Addressing non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Decarbonizing high-emission industries.

Special attention from the organizers and the Award Council will be given to proposals and solutions with the potential for global impact and readiness for rapid scaling within the next 5 years. Contest entries should be beyond the ideation stage, with the outlined solutions tested on the ground or with the target audience.

At the end of the competition, 15 nominees will be selected, of which 5 finalists will receive an award of 1 million pounds sterling (approximately 1.22 million US dollars) to scale up innovations and address challenges. Additionally, all winners will be included in the Earthshot Prize Scholarship Program for a year of continuous support.

As part of the first stage of nominating candidates for the Earthshot Prize, СAMР Alatoo Foundation is accepting the following key information from organizations and individuals from October 17, 2023, to December 1, 2023 (in English):

1.Initiative/Solution Title

This title will be used to identify the nomination throughout the selection process. Usually, it is the name of a specific product or initiative that you are nominating.

2. Organization Name

Provide the name of the organization that owns the product or leads the initiative.

3. Primary Nominee

Specify the person who leads the solution and who will accept the Award if this nomination wins. For example, the founder or CEO.



Email address:

Phone number:

4. Primary Contact

Specify the person (this can be the primary nominee/CEO or someone from the organization) who can answer questions from the nominator or Earthshot Prize organizers.



Email address:

Phone number:

5. Secondary Contact

This is an additional person in the organization with whom we can communicate and receive messages.



Email address:

Phone number:

The form in English for filling out can be found [here](insert link). In case of difficulties with completing the PDF form, information can be provided in Word format.

Please send the information via email to alika@camp.kg by 5:00 PM on December 1, 2023.




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