Депутаты ЖК КР предлагают создать платформу для решения проблем экологии и изменения климата

Kyrgyzstan's parliamentarians propose creating a platform to address environmental and climate change issues

30 January 2024

Collaboration with expert and civil society to address environmental issues and promote the development of a "green economy" is a key aspect of the concept "Jashyl demilge" developed by the deputies. Cooperation with expert and civil society to address environmental issues and promote the development of a "green economy" is a key aspect of the concept "Jashyl demilge" developed by parliamentarians Baktybek Choybekov, Eldar Sulaimanov, and Kubanychbek Samakov. The deputies presented the initiative at a meeting with representatives of organizations such as the CAMR Alatoo PF, Move Green, AgroWay, Green Alliance, Unison, Alliance of Women of Kyrgyzstan, Institute of Economic Policy Research, Civic Initiatives Fund, Central Asian Mountain Center and others.

According to the deputies, the preliminary version of the "Jashyl demilge" concept represents a platform aimed at "promoting sustainable development, environmental protection, and combating climate change." "We should not be short-term consumers of natural resources and should primarily ask questions like 'What will the air quality in Bishkek be like in 10-20-30 years?', 'How many liters of water will each resident consume in a few years?', 'Will Bishkek be green?'", said Kubanychbek Samakov. Answers to these questions also lie within the scope of parliamentary activities aimed at developing necessary laws and updating existing regulatory frameworks in the field of ecology and climate. This is one of the top priorities outlined in the " Jashyl demilge " concept. In addition, the document envisages the parliament's involvement in "formulating rules and norms regulating the climate and ecology sphere," raising public awareness of these issues through media and educational campaigns, and more.

Experts and representatives of environmental NGOs added to the list of tasks and functions of the future platform. "The voiced problems are much deeper, so it is necessary to prioritize, one of which can be formulated as 'Kyrgyzstan is a country with healthy mountain ecosystems, and glaciers are its main asset', as it is forecasted that glaciers will disappear from the Talas Valley in just 10 years," said a representative of the Institute of Economic Policy Research.

Discussion participants called on deputies to also focus on preserving glaciers and ecosystems, introducing insurance for farmers against climate risks, considering the possibility of climate finance, educating rural communities on soil and water conservation technologies, monitoring radiation levels and the quality of local agricultural products, and supporting scientific research.

"As part of the proposed concept, it is possible to discuss the adoption of an 'Environmental Code'. If adopted, there will be no need to develop new laws," shared Azhar Baisalova from the organization "Move Green".

Regarding the format of cooperation within the "Jashyl demilge" concept, various options are being considered—regular offline and online meetings, the creation of thematic expert groups, whose work will be defined in a "roadmap". After discussions, experts and NGO representatives are expected to submit their proposals in writing in the short term.

Photo on the main page provided by the Public Relations and Media Department of the Parliament KR.

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