Ethnic tour “Visits to nomads”

Ethnic tour “Visits to nomads”

Traveling to the settlements located in hard-to-reach places, which cealed off from the civilization, and familiarization with the culture and traditions of the inhabitants called "Jailoo tourism" ("Jailoo" in Kyrgyz means "summer pasture"). According to the Internet resource, this direction originated in Kyrgyzstan, when local tour operators offered foreign tourists to "live the life of a mountain shepherd in yurts".

Our tour offers you to gain such an experience – to visit shepherds, spend a few days away from the benefits of civilization and the usual comfort and as a result get bright and memorable impressions.

Many Kyrgyz people lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle. In winter they live in the valleys, and in summer they move to the mountains. The mountainous landscapes of Kyrgyzstan are more suitable for animal husbandry than for crop production. In jailoo, herds of horses, sheep and goats graze until late autumn, eating fresh grass growing on a unique soil. This allows shepherds to receive organic milk, which differs from produced milk on livestock farms. And such dairy products as artisanal cheese “kurut” and fermented horse milk “kymyz” are 100% environmentally friendly, have healing properties in the treatment of stomach diseases, blood pressure, and have a revitalizing effect on the whole body.

You will find such food only in the high-altitude jailoos.  It acquires an unforgettable taste as cooked over a fire and with the soul of true nomads.

  • Трансфер из аэропорта и в аэропорт
  • Транспорт с водителем
  • Проживание: юрточный лагерь, проживание в семье
  • Питание: завтрак, обед, и ужин, за исключением обедов в кафе 
  • Лошади
  • Горные гиды для сопровождения во время конных прогулок. 
  • Гид