Cashmere development through sustainable pasture management

What we are doing
Implementation Period
  • Implementation Period: 2019 - 2021
  • Donor organization: PUR Project
  • Geographical location: Араванский, Ноокатский, Кара-Суйский, Алайский районы, Ошской область, Кыргызская Республика.

Project Background

The inhabitants of this area face a scarcity of grazing resources and are thus forced to over-use pastures as well as graze their livestock on forested areas. People's awareness of their own responsibility for the state of natural resources, which must be preserved and left for their children and grandchildren to use, is one of the results of our workshops.

Project Objectives & Goals

The main objective of the project focused on raising awareness of the communities in the highland villages of Osh oblast on issues related to the rangeland management process – from calculation of land capacity to legal aspects as well as the improvement of the rangeland infrastructure.

Project Result

Information seminars organized for residents of 4 aiyl aimags located in Aravan, Nookat, Kara-Suu and Alay rayons of Osh oblast were conducted, in which more than 180 people participated. The training was conducted according to the methodology developed by specialists of CAMP Alatoo PF, which involves immersing participants in the subject matter of the workshop through a game. The trainings resulted in pasture management plans developed with financial and legal issues, needs for rational use of pasture plots, detailed maps of pasture zones and internal boundaries of plots.

Local communities prepared mini projects related to the construction of a complex with shearing equipment and coupe baths for small ruminants, improvement of goat breeding, repair and construction of pasture infrastructure. On the project area, three bridges and two watering points were built and repaired. These facilities opened the way for the shepherds to the remote pastures and provided the population and their livestock with a source of drinking water. Thanks to the upgraded infrastructure, disputes between local people over access to natural resources have been resolved.