The e-Jaiyt committee

The Electronic Jaiyt (Grassland) Committee (EJC) digital tool ( is designed to assist government entities working in the field of natural resources and rangeland committees to manage land use. The key process of this program is data entry and automatic data processing. One of the major advantages of the tool is that all the information collected will facilitate the preparation of an integrated pasture management plan for the committees.

In the system each pasture committee has a personal profile and cabinet with location data, contacts, identification number, capacity indicators, vegetation productivity, workload (number of animals on the plot), number of shepherds and issued grazing tickets etc.  Among other useful functions of the EWC is the possibility to control the implementation of the budget of the Jaiyt committee, make an inventory, monitor and evaluate the efficiency of pasture use.

The Department of Pastures and Livestock Breeding under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Regional Development of the Kyrgyz Republic acts as the administrator of the electronic system. Using the ELC, this body receives a detailed information picture on the activity of pasture committees and the state of the lands.