About us

CAMP Alatoo is a leading regional Central Asian non-profit and non-governmental organisation that promotes sustainable development in mountain regions of Central Asia. We are known for our innovative approaches and tools on integrated natural resource management. CAMP Alatoo is a successor organisation of the Central Asian Mountain Partnership (CAMP), a programme funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Jointly with our partner organisations in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, CAMP Alatoo forms the CAMP Network.

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Our Mission
CAMP Alatoo’s mission highlights two complementary and intrinsically linked goals: improving the livelihoods of Central Asian communities based on integrated natural resource management, and developing, adapting, and implementing our tools with global and local experience.

Our Core Values

We develop solutions.

  • We use our wide range of tools and networks to empower people to shape their own development processes.

We provide local knowledge.

  • The tools and services we offer on integrated natural resource management are tried and tested by local and international experts.

We adapt to change.

  • We work closely with local experts so that our activities are transparent, efficient, and focused on the local context.

We implement with global and local experience.

  • We build global knowledge and high-quality standards by using local experience and by implementing best practices from around the world in a local setting.

Development of the CAMP Alatoo Partnership Network
CAMP Alatoo developed a partnership network consisting of NGOs, advisory services, local experts, government agencies, and scientific and educational institutions active in the fields of natural resource management and mountain community development. One of our strategic objectives is to further expand and strengthen this partnership network and improve the technical capacity of organisations working in these areas.

Information Policy of CAMP Alatoo
CAMP Alatoo seeks to adhere to the principles of openness, transparency, and accountability to the public by active exchange of information between the Foundation and beneficiaries, donors, and partners. We strive to effectively respond to information inquiries from various stakeholders, thereby establishing more open and active communication with the public.

Activity Areas of CAMP Alatoo
CAMP Alatoo operates in the field of sustainable management of natural resources at watershed level.
Our main activity areas include:

  • Sustainable Pasture Management
  • Sustainable Water Resources Management
  • Integrated Disaster Risk Management
  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Conflict Management Over Natural Resources
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Technologies

CAMP Alatoo project activities are aimed at developing and implementing practical approaches and tools for sustainable management of natural resources at the local level in mountain areas of Central Asia. Our projects are implemented with support from international donors.