Mountain bridges

Mountain bridges are put to the test in case of severe climatic conditions. Currently, majority of them are destroyed, so there is an urgent need to rehabilitate and maintain bridges to ensure crossing of the Mountain Rivers, availability of natural resources and their use. The project on construction/reconstruction of mountain bridges started to be implemented in 2002 on the territory of Issyk-Kul oblast as a result of cooperation and financial support of the Pamir Bridges Swiss NGO. Up to date 70 bridges have been constructed/ reconstructed throughout the country.

The purpose of this activity area is to improve access to natural resources and remote pastures, and facilitate connection between the mountain villages and provide routes for tourists.

Moreover, representatives of the forestry and local authorities use a participatory approach while reconstructing/constructing mountain bridges. Collaborative contribution to construction of bridges allows local self-governments and forestry assessing the situation objectively in selecting facilities for their relevance, as well as cultivating in users a careful attitude towards the facilities. Basically, the mountain bridges are being built of wood (softwood). Therefore, with the view of restoring the forests used, the nurseries are established by sowing seeds of coniferous trees, which later are transplanted in the open ground.

The approach includes the following tools:

  • Inspecting state of bridges
  • Consulting on construction/reconstruction of bridges and their monitoring
  • Financing construction/reconstruction of bridges
  • Assessing reconstructed/constructed bridges by experts
  • Mapping renovated/constructed bridges. Continuously updating interactive maps by indicating the reconstructed bridges and describing their initial conditions, in the process of reconstruction and end result.
  • Promoting reforestation through establishing nurseries.

Dissemination of the tools and approaches:

  • In 2012, successful results of the project were published in Kyrgyz language in the Aiyl Demi newspaper and distributed countrywide.
  • Informational materials in the form of posters per each bridge with photos of the whole process of construction/reconstruction of bridges have been elaborated.
  • Since 2013 signs with serial numbers are installed on each constructed bridge.

History of the projects:

Implementation period Project title Donor Geography
2002-2012 Mountain bridges Swiss association «Pamir’s Bridges» Kyrgyzstan,Issyk-Kul oblast,
2006 Mountain bridges Swiss association «Pamir’s Bridges» Kyrgyzstan,Osh oblast,

Uzgen rayon

2013 Mountain bridges Swiss association «Pamir’s Bridges» Kyrgyzstan,Naryn oblast